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Poster: ccbarr Date: Dec 27, 2009 4:34pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: ++ DOWNLOADING PHOTOS ++

If you see the image on your computer, you've already downloaded it into some memory location on your computer. It may only be temporary, but pretty much everything you see on your monitor from an online site is downloaded on to your computer somewhere. I don't know if Flash works that way or not though, I'm speaking generally.

Would saving it on your computer be legal? As far as I know it would be. In fact, your browser likely saves images from various websites that you visit without your knowledge. It's done to make your browsing experience faster for regularly visited sites.

Now, if you were to distribute that photograph, based on my very limited knowledge of copyright law, then that would be illegal.

However, why believe me or anyone else regarding legal matters just because we talk to you through the internet? If you get in legal trouble over something, telling the judge someone over the internet told me it's okay isn't going to help you one bit.

There are some very good sites online that discuss copyright law in some detail, and with regards to some online issues. If you are wanting to do anything commercial (or even noncommercial) with another's work, be it video, photographs, audio, writings and you need to be sure of the legalities of your activities, you really need to consult an attorney familiar with copyright law.

Public domain stuff is usually ok and some Creative Commmons works allow you to reuse them or remix them as you wish depending on the specific Creative Commons license.

I'm not trying to be mean towards you or your question, it's just that asking for legal advice online is fine, as long as you realize that the value of that legal advice is potentially worth the price you paid for it - nothing.

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Poster: Step_Nine_Productions Date: Dec 30, 2009 9:41pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: ++ DOWNLOADING PHOTOS ++

Ok, thank you for that information. That, even if it won't hold up in court, helps me. Thank you lots.
And yes, I know that's bad grammar. :-)